PD Sensors

 SensorApplicationFrequency Range
TMCable Joints, Cable Terminations to HV/MV electrical apparatus30 MHz - 900 MHz
TEMSwithgear Monitoring150 MHz - 1.2 GHz
TEVSwitchgear Monitoring (mounted outside on the metal clad switchgear)3 MHz - 100 MHz
BMSBushing Monitoring30 MHz - 900 MHz
UHF DN 50Transformer Drain Valve UHF Sensor150 MHz - 1.2 GHz
T10Transformer Hatch UHF Sensor150 MHz - 1.2 GHz
GSSGIS Spacer Sensor300 MHz - 1.5 GHz
HFCTGeneric PD Sensor1.5 MHz - 20 MHz
CC: 80 pF
CC: 1000 pF
Generator Monitoring Coupling Capacitor40 MHz
2 MHz

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