Substation Test Instruments

LRM 200

True DC Micro Ohmmeter

The LRM 200 is a microprocessor-based, true DC micro ohmmeter designed to test the contact resistance of circuit breaker contacts, switchgear, and bus bar joints. It is the instrument every test technician needs to have to maintain circuit breakers, switch gear and busbars. The LRM 200 is designed to meet the IEEE C37.09-1999, IEC62271-100 for GIS factory test and IEC62271-200 for high voltage switchboard factory test for testing circuit breaker contact resistance.


Transformer Frequency Response Analyzer

The PFRS-25 can confirm the mechanical integrity of a transformer by comparing the frequency response of the transformer with the previous known results. Every transformer has a unique frequency response system which changes if the mechanical geometry of the transformer is changed. These changes can occur due to physical movement or transportation. The physical geometry can also change if the transformer experiences high fault current due to internal or external faults.  

TR 100

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

The TR 100 is a microprocessor-based single phase automatic transformer turns ratio test instrument. This field portable lightweight unit is housed in a field rugged case. The TR 100 is designed to test the turns ratio of transformers of any size per the IEEE C57.12.90 standard.

TR 300

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

The TR 300 is a true three-phase transformer turns-ratio instrument designed to test any type of transformers. It performs turns ratio tests per the IEEE C57.12.90 measurement standard. The TR 300 generates its own three-phase excitation test voltage which is applied to the three phases of the transformer’s primary windings. The three-phase secondary voltages are measured to calculate the turns ratio.


Vacuum Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The Vacuum Circuit Breaker Analyzer 01 (VCBA 01) is Power Diagnostic Instrument Company’s state-of-the-art, field portable, light weight instrument designed for the comprehensive diagnostic testing of vacuum circuit breakers. The VCBA 01 can perform high voltage DC vacuum integrity tests as well as operating time tests on the circuit breaker main contacts.

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