Power Diagnostic Instrument Company, LLC (PDIC) is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, and was established in 2018 by utility professionals. Our primary objective is to engineer, manufacture, and market state of the art test and diagnostic instruments specifically tailored for power utility substations. We focus on integrating the latest technology into our instruments while ensuring that they remain user-friendly for testing personnel working in the field. Our mission is to support you in maintaining a reliable power supply, improve productivity, and provide accurate diagnostics for transformers and breakers.

We specialize in developing innovative testing solutions that excel in safety, performance, reliability, and ease of use. Our commitment is to provide you with analytical tools that enable informed decision-making about your assets, ultimately enhancing uptime and safety.

Our instruments boast a user-friendly interface, with many models featuring a built-in thermal printer, color touch display, eliminating the need for a PC during substation apparatus testing. However, for added convenience, our instruments can still be connected to a PC for the storage of test results, report generation, and instrument control during testing. They are designed to be portable and rugged, making them suitable for field applications.

As part of our commitment to excellent after-sales service, we provide comprehensive training and support in analyzing test results. This ensures that our customers are equipped with the knowledge and assistance needed to maximize the benefits of our instruments. Additionally, we offer a two-year warranty on our instruments, demonstrating our confidence in their durability and performance. We strive to be a reliable partner by providing ongoing support to enhance your experience with PDIC products.

Furthermore, we have established a partnership with Power Diagnostic Service, a Taiwan-based company specializing in manufacturing state-of-the-art and comprehensive online partial discharge measurement solutions, primarily utilizing UHF sensor technology. UHF sensors enable users to identify the partial discharge accurately as it provides a very good signal to noise ratio.

PDIC is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, attesting to our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.


Partial Discharge Instruments

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