Vacuum Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The Vacuum Circuit Breaker Analyzer 01 (VCBA 01) is Power Diagnostic Instrument Company’s state-of-the-art, field portable, light weight instrument designed for the comprehensive diagnostic testing of vacuum circuit breakers. The VCBA 01 can perform high voltage DC vacuum integrity tests as well as operating time tests on the circuit breaker main contacts.

The VCBA 01 applies a test voltage to the vacuum bottle arcing chamber for the time specified in the test settings. While the test voltage is applied to the vacuum circuit breaker arching chamber, the instrument monitors the leakage current to the ground. If the leakage current to the ground remains lower than the set limit, the instrument registers the test as successful. If the leakage current exceeds the set limit, the instrument shuts down and removes the test voltage from the arcing chamber and registers the test as a failed test.

A high voltage DC test can be set between 10 kV to 80 kV in 1 kV steps. The VCBA 01 has a built-in safety switch as well as visual and audible indicators to signal the presence of high voltage for enhanced personnel safety. The unit also features a safety thumb switch with a 10ft cable so that the user can maintain a safe distance from the instrument. If the trigger of the safety switch is released in the middle of the test for any reason, the instrument will remove the high voltage and stop the test. The leakage current to the ground is measured during the test. The leakage current can be set to any value between 100 micro Amps to 300 micro Amps in 100 micro Amp steps.

The VCBA 01 offers an optional circuit breaker testing feature that can test the operating time on the circuit breaker main contacts. The test is initiated manually and then the instrument records the time from initiation of the test to the completion of the close or open operation of the circuit breaker. The highspeed data acquisition rate of the instrument during trip or close operation provides a 0.1ms resolution on the circuit breaker operating time. By setting the limit of the operating time in the test settings, the instrument can make a pass/fail determination.

The VCBA 01 features a user-friendly interface for comprehensively testing vacuum circuit breakers. The unit’s back-lit color LCD touch-screen (800 x 480 pixels) is viewable in bright sunlight and low-light and provides an intuitive menu structure where running a test is just few taps away. The full-sized industrial keyboard makes data entry very easy for information such as nameplate and setting information.

The VCBA 01 can store up to 100 test results internally. Test results can be transferred to a PC via the unit’s USB Flash drive interface (Flash drive not included) or directly via the USB 2.0 PC interface. The provided PC software can be used for analysis and report generation.

The VCBA 01 features a built-in 2” thermal printer for quick printout of results in the field.

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Physical SpecificationsDimensions: 20"w x 9" H x 17" D (51 cm x 22 cm x 43 cm)
Weight: 22 lbs. (9.9 Kg)
Input Power90 – 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Voltage Range10 kV – 80 kV DC in 1 kV steps
Output Voltage Ripple3% max
Voltage Discharge Time3 seconds
Leakage Current SettingUp to 300 micro Amps, user selectable in 100 micro Amp steps

CB Timing Test (optional feature)

Dry Contact Inputs3 channels of CB main contacts
Trigger Input Voltage Open/Close30 – 300 V, DC or peak AC
Breaker OperationsOpen, Close, Open-Close, Close-Open
Timing Resolution±0.1 millisecond
accuracy: 0.05% of reading ±1 ms

User Interface

PrinterBuilt-in 2" wide thermal printer
DisplayColor touch-screen LCD (800 x 480 pixels)
KeyboardFull-sized "QWERTY"-style industrial keyboard


Safety SwitchHand-operated safety switch with 10 ft cable
High Voltage Presence IndicatorsBuzzer and LED high voltage presence indicators

Operating/Storage Temperatures and Humidity

TemperatureOperating: -10°C to +50°C (+15°F to +122°F)
Storage: -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
Humidity90% RH @ +40°C (+104°F)

Data Storage and Analysis

Internal Test Record StorageUp to 100 timing and high voltage test records
External Test Record StorageUSB Flash drive interface for test record storage and firmware updates (Flash drive not included)
PC SoftwareWindows®-bases software is included with purchase price

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