Data Acquisition Modules


On-line data acquisition system for on-line PD monitoring

PDSimply is the state of the art solution for continuous on-line monitoring of most HV/MV electrical apparatus. PDSimply’s UHF PD technology effectively separates noise from partial discharge.

  • IEC TS 62478 Compliant
  • Permanently installed in the field with the apparatus
  • Ultra-high frequency bandwidth: 150 MHz – 1.2 GHz
  • 6 channels for wide range of measurement
  • Built-in front-end processor for fast data processing
  • Internal high pass filter
  • Smart pattern recognition algorithm that eliminates false alarms
  • Records PD magnitude, Pulse Count, Trend and PRPD pattern
  • 5 output contacts for SCADA communication

PDSimply Portable

On-line data acquisition system for on-line PD monitoring

PDSimply Portable offers all the features of PDSimply in a portable, field rugged enclosure. It is used in situations where permanent installation is not required.

  • Multiple display modes for PD diagnostics and data analysis
  • Ultra-high frequency bandwidth: 150 MHz – 1.2 GHz
  • Multiple monitoring modes : stand-alone, network and local
  • PDCare software system for data analysis and diagnostics
  • Remote communication eliminates need for local computer
  • 4.4 Kgs (9.5 Lbs) in a rugged case for outdoor use


Three channel data acquisition system for on-line PD monitoring

PDSurvival is the economical solution where 6 Channels are not required for PD measurement. PDSurvival is an ideal instrument where only on-line PD measurement is required in the field. As it is not intended to be installed for an extended period of time, the trending feature is not available.

  • On-line PD measurement of most HV/MV apparatus
  • Application : PD measurement (not continuous monitoring)
  • Ultra-high frequency bandwidth : 50 MHz – 900 MHz
  • 3 channels for PD measurement
  • Built-in front-end processor for fast data processing
  • Internal high pass filter
  • Smart pattern recognition algorithm
  • PD magnitude, Pulse Count, and PRPD pattern
  • 2 output contacts for SCADA communication


Portable 4 channel PD measurement system

PDSolution is a portable instrument for on-site partial discharge measurement. It is housed in a field rugged portable enclosure.

  • 4 high speed (1.25 GHz) data acquisition channels that can be combined as one extra high speed (5 GHz) channel
  • Suitable for use with HF/VHF/UHF PD sensors
  • Selectable frequency band for background noise elimination
  • Can distinguish multi-PD sources by time-frequency method
  • Can Locate PD source with oscilloscope/spectrum analysis
  • PRPD, frequency domain and time domain analysis

PDLabS SC4001

Off-line partial discharge measurement system

PDLabS SC4001 is the off-line partial discharge measurement system specifically designed to be used in labs and R&D environments. It measures partial discharge per the IEC 60270 standard. The system’s state of the art and flexible design makes it ideal for R&D, laboratory  use, and for performing manufacturing tests.

  • Built-in high and low pass filter for noise elimination
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • High speed ADC and computing power enables fast and accurate results
  • Multiple operation modes: 2D/3D PRPD, Ellipse Display,3D PRPS, PPS/PD modes
  • Display up to 4 modes simultaneously for accurate and fast analysis
  • FFT spectrum analysis function
  • Expandable to 8 channels


Handheld partial discharge measurement system

PD Probe is the latest development by PDS, allowing users to survey the presence of partial discharge in electrical apparatus. PD Probe is a useful tool in asset management for prioritizing the maintenance of HV/MV electrical apparatus.

  • Two channels :
    Channel One: Acoustic: 150 ± 2 kHz, Ultrasonic: 40 ± 2 kHz
    Channel Two: RFCT/TEV/UHF: 20~900 MHz
  • Rechargeable: up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Dual display : shows results of both channels simultaneously for accurate and quick analysis
  • 3.5” back-lit color touch screen display


Integrated generator monitoring system

PDS One is the latest addition to the PDS line of PD monitoring solutions. This state of the art system provides comprehensive on line generator monitoring. PDS One is based on PDS’s 10 years of field experience in monitoring generators. 

  • Modular construction : economical and flexible system
  • 3 channel PD monitoring via capacitor sensor
  • Provides PD magnitude, Trend, Pulse count & PRPD pattern
  • 4 channels vibration sensing module
  • 8 channels for temperature monitoring via 3 wire RTD sensors
  • 3 phase electric energy measurement

TPS 100

Thermal monitoring for dry type transformers

TPS 100 is a thermal monitoring system designed for dry type transformers.

  • Detects thermal failure of dry type transformers
  • User settable temperature limit
  • Optical temperature sensor attached to the transformer can detect high temperature and take the transformer out of service

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